Green for go
Apr 28, 2017 (WiC 363)
“It’s viewed as something quite premium and healthy”

Joey Wat, Yum China’s chief operations officer, discusses KFC’s addition of avocados to its menu, served in a series of burgers and wraps to take its chicken offering up market. The Financial Times reports that imports of avocados from Mexico and Chile rose to 154,000 tonnes last year from 25,000 tonnes in 2016. The trend was first mentioned by WiC in issue 276 (avocados are known as ‘alligator pears’ in China).

The world’s best builder?
Apr 21, 2017 (WiC 362)
“In the entire world I am definitely the most ideal privately-owned unit to invest in construction”

Yan Jiehe, the billionaire founder of Pacific Construction, told the Financial Times he is being advised by former Donald Trump aide Paul Manafort on how he can win construction contracts as part of the president’s planned $1 trillion infrastructure buildout. He thinks China’s largest private sector construction firm has more chance of success in US bids than Chinese state-owned firms and said his construction workers are “the highest quality in the world”. For our profile of Yan see WiC42.

Going bananas
Apr 7, 2017 (WiC 361)
“Now we cannot produce enough bananas to supply China”

Philippines Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzo tells the Financial Times that the rapprochement of his country’s president late last year with his Chinese counterpart has led to big economic gains. President Rodrigo Duterte put disputes over the South China Sea on the backburner during his state visit to Beijing and Lorenzo says “According to the Chinese, they told Duterte that any product we produce they will buy”.

Tech powerhouse
Mar 31, 2017 (WiC 360)
“I think there’s much more innovation happening here than anybody anticipated 10 years ago. China’s been very thoughtful about creating the ingredients of innovation which is creating more of an opportunity for all types of companies whether it’s e-commerce or others to bloom here. So it is an exciting time in China”

Mark Machin, President and CEO of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board talks to CNBC’s Geoff Cutmore in an interview on the sidelines of the China Development Forum in Beijing