Intelligence quest
Feb 24, 2017 (WiC 355)
“We will give full support and abundant resources to the lab to ensure the mission is accomplished effectively and in high quality”

Lu Qi, president of Baidu, comments on a decision by the National Development and Reform Commission to appoint Baidu to lead the national lab on artificial intelligence research. The company will team up with Tsinghua and other top Chinese universities to work on areas like voice recognition and deep learning. Lu, an AI expert, joined Baidu from Microsoft.

Stronger than iron
Feb 17, 2017 (WiC 354)
“At a time of economic transition and uncertainty around the world, Australia reassures China that we are a reliable partner and that we will continue to place a strong trade and economic relationship as one of our highest priorities”

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop tells her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi that ties between the two countries “couldn’t be stronger”. The reassuring tone comes at a time when America’s new leader Donald Trump has been shaking up international affairs.

Small beer
Jan 27, 2017 (WiC 353)
“We will discuss the best way of allying with Tsingtao and Tingyi this year and consider building a win-win relationship”

Asahi President Koji Akiyoshi tells the Wall Street Journal that his firm’s 19.99% stake in brewer Tsingtao is “purely financial” but he is reviewing the investment because he isn’t satisfied. One option, he says, would be for Tsingtao to use its distribution network to sell Asahi’s premium beer, Super Dry.

Thanks for coming
Jan 20, 2017 (WiC 352)
“The world is now in a multipolar geopolitical and economic structure, and China now equals the United States in terms of economic power”

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum in Davos, tells the China Daily that Xi Jinping’s appearance at the forum leads him to “foresee that China will play a positive role in global affairs”.