500 Issues: in Photos

500 Issues: in Photos looks back at our favourite photos from more than a decade of WiC editions. Spanning economy, politics, business, social trends, sports and entertainment, they all say something about China in the 21st century.

A-Z of Chinese History

An A-Z of Chinese History takes you on a whistle-stop tour of the nation’s past, picking out the tales of the key people, places and events that still shape China today. From the hugely influential Analects of Confucius all the way through to the battle strategies of Zhuge Liang, each chapter says something different about the past, as well as something more about China today.

China In 50 Dishes

To understand the diversity of China you need to understand its food and its 5,000 year culinary culture. China In 50 Dishes showcases the country’s classic cuisine in all of its salty, spicy, sour, bitter and sweet glory.

From noodles to dim sum to desserts, we take you on a mouthwatering tour of a nation’s favourite dishes, talking about their origins, how they are prepared and a few of the best places to enjoy them.

300 Chinese Proverbs

During its five thousand years of civilisation, China has created tens of thousands of proverbs which capture the essence of the nation’s history, culture and prevailing philosophy. Many of them contain Confucian wisdom, Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, social etiquette, as well as success and survival tactics.

Here our columnist Mei selects 300 of her favourites proverbs to commemorate the 300th edition of Week in China.

A to Z of the RMB

In the third edition of The A to Z of the RMB we give another update on China’s currency and how it is going global.

The yuan’s rise as a global payments currency has slowed a little, but onshore reforms have been taking centre-stage instead, especially in China’s capital markets.

We also highlight five factors which will spur the yuan forward in future.

150 Tycoons

In the fourth edition of WiC’s China’s Tycoons we continue to chronicle the world’s fastest-ever exercise in wealth creation.

With 150 biographies of leading businesspeople, the stories give a glimpse of how China has become the world’s second biggest economy in just three decades.

The Little Red Book 2015

Xi Jinping’s campaign against free-spending officials has hit China’s fine wine salesmen hard, with purchases of expensive bottles all but drying up. But there’s a silver lining to the slowdown as millions more consumers choose to drink more affordable wine for the first time.

In the second edition of The Little Red Book, WiC looks at how the market is changing and how two international wine firms are hoping to capitalise, hears about Hong Kong’s wine auction business, and talks to the boss of one of China’s best-known boutique wineries, Judy Chan from Grace Vineyard in Shanxi.

A to Z of the RMB

The second edition of The A to Z of the RMB outlines what you need to know about China’s currency and how it is going global, with conversations with a range of HSBC experts.

Read on for the latest news on the rise of the renminbi, including the booster effect of Shanghai’s special zone and the revival of the ancient Silk Road, plus more on why the yuan is starting to feature outside China, including the Americas.

The Little Red Book

It’s almost a cliché that the Chinese love red wine the most. But last year they proved it, drinking almost 1.9 billion bottles, and overtaking the French as the number one consumer.

In The Little Red Book, WiC looks at how China is starting to make its mark in the wine world, asking why there was a boom (and a bust) in fine wine, reviewing how the wine craze is catching on with China’s middle-classes, and wondering whether Chinese wineries can prosper in the new era.