China charges ahead
Dec 14, 2018 (WiC 435)
“If I remember correctly, every second electric car being sold in the world is being sold in China. Shenzhen has more electric buses (over 16,000) than any other city in the world”

Michal Kurtyka, president of the ongoing Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, says that China is taking “a leadership role” in electric vehicles.

Dinner for two
Nov 30, 2018 (WiC 434)
“We can’t find much change in their approach. President Xi may have a lot more to say in the bilateral [meeting], but at the moment we don’t see it”

Larry Kudlow, director of the US National Economic Council, plays down hopes of a deal on trade when President Trump meets President Xi for dinner this weekend in Buenos Aires.

Sparks at the summit
Nov 23, 2018 (WiC 433)
“The United States deals openly, fairly. We do not offer a constricting belt or a one-way road”

US Vice-President Mike Pence renews his criticism of China, this time at the APEC meeting in Papua New Guinea. His remarks were aimed at Xi Jinping’s signature Belt and Road Initiative, which has been described in some quarters as ‘debt-trap diplomacy’. Broader tensions between the two governments meant the summit ended without a joint communiqué for the first time in its 29-year history.

No need to smell the coffee, yet
Nov 16, 2018 (WiC 432)
“We haven’t seen any impact from the geopolitical situation between the US and China, but we’re not immune”

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson added in an interview with CNBC that “we have built Starbucks in China for China” and “we’re playing the long game”. Earlier this month the coffee giant raised prices in China for the first time in two and a half years, blaming the move on an increase in rental and labour costs.