No magic number
Jun 14, 2019 (WiC 456)
“I don’t think this is an important question. I don’t think along the mathematical scale any one number is more important than another number”

Central bank governor Yi Gang denies there is a hard limit of Rmb7 to the dollar that will cap the Chinese currency’s depreciation. In response to this comment on Bloomberg TV the onshore renminbi dropped 0.4% on Monday to Rmb6.9358, the currency’s weakest level since November.

Strait warning
Jun 7, 2019 (WiC 455)
“If the US wants to talk we will keep the door open. If they want to fight, we will fight until the end. Bully us? No way!”

China’s Defence Minister Wei Fenghe hits out at Washington during the Shangri La Forum in Singapore. He also attacked the 1979 US Taiwan Relations Act: “How can the US enact a law to interfere in China’s internal affairs?” He pointed out that Abraham Lincoln had fought a civil war to stop the southern states seceding from the US. “The US is indivisible and so is China.”

Huawei’s US fan
May 31, 2019 (WiC 454)
“We have found their equipment to be the most reliable. We haven’t had a single equipment failure from Huawei. That’s an astounding record”

Huawei offers prices that are 20%-30% less than its competitors, Joseph Franell, CEO of Eastern Oregon Telecom told the Wall Street Journal.

A Sino-American legacy
May 24, 2019 (WiC 453)
“I’ve never left China. My family’s been there for 600 years. But my architecture is not consciously Chinese in any sense. I’m a Western architect”

A remark made by IM Pei to the Financial Times in 2010 when Edward Heathcote asked if he felt like a Chinese architect. Pei died last Thursday aged 102. Pei grew up mostly in Shanghai – but was ancestrally from Suzhou – and was actually born in Guangzhou in 1917. He moved to the US in 1935 to study and would live and work in America for the rest of his life. The architect’s most famed works include the glass Louvre Pyramid, the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong and the Suzhou Museum.