China Books

Here is a selection of the books that Week in China has cited in its articles and recommends as good sources of information about China. The list below contains the author and title of the book, plus a link to the issue of WiC when we mentioned it.

Zhang Lijia – Socialism is Great! (WiC2)
Leslie Chang – Factory Girls (WiC6)
Wang Gang – English (WiC13)
James Delgado – Khubilai Khan's Lost Fleet (WiC16)
Adeline Yen Mah – Falling Leaves (WiC23)
Mark Leonard – What Does China Think? (WiC23)
Margaret Macmillan – Seize the Hour: When Nixon Met Mao (WiC23)
Martin Jacques – When China Rules the World (WiC27)
Peter Hessler – River Town (WiC29)
James Kynge – China Shakes the World (WiC31)
Sheila Melvin and Jindong Cai – Rhapsody in Red (WiC34)
Andreas Seibert – From Somewhere to Nowhere: China’s Internal Migrants (WiC40)
Lu Xun – The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China (WiC44)
James McGregor – One Billion Customers (WiC51)
Peter Hessler – Country Driving (WiC54)
Peter Hessler – Oracle Bones (WiC54)
Lawrence Allen – Chocolate Fortunes: The Battle for the Hearts, Minds and Wallets of China’s Consumers (WiC55)
Hilary Spurling – Burying the Bones: Pearl Buck’s Life in China (WiC56)
Sarah Rose – For All the Tea in China (WiC57)
Ian Bremmer – The End of the Free Market (WiC61)
Richard McGregor – The Party (WiC64)
James Fallows – Postcards from Tomorrow Square (WiC69)
Peter Fleming – Travels in Tartary (WiC69)
Bruce Dover – Rupert’s Adventures in China (WiC74)
Cao Xueqin / David Hawkes (translator) – The Dream of the Red Chamber (WiC77)
Sara Bongiorni – A Year Without Made in China (WiC88)
Tom Carter – China, a Portrait of a People (WiC89)
Deborah Brautigam – The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa (WiC91)
Amy Chua – Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (WiC92)
Frank Dikötter – Mao’s Great Famine (WiC98)
Philip Pan – Out of Mao’s Shadow (WiC100)
Bi Feiyu – Three Sisters (WiC100)
Roderick MacFarquhar – Mao's Last Revolution (WiC101)
Ian Morris – Why the West Rules for Now (WiC109)
Henry Kissinger – On China (WiC111)
Ezra Vogel – Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China (WiC136)
James Palmer – The Death of Mao: The Tangshan Earthquake and the Birth of the New China (WiC138)
James Fallows – China Airborne (WiC153)
Hugh White – The China Choice: why American should share power (WiC173)
Rob Schmitz – Street of Eternal Happiness (WiC335)
John Pomfret – The Beautiful Country and The Middle Kingdom (WiC355)
Paul Midler – Poorly Made in China (Focus issue 1)
Warren Liu – KFC in China (Focus issue 1)
Simon Winchester – The Man Who Loved China (Focus issue 1)
Laurence Bergreen – Marco Polo (Focus issue 2)
Harry Gelber – The Dragon and the Foreign Devils (Focus issue 2)
Paul French and Matthew Crabbe – Fat China (Focus issue 2)
Stephen King – Losing Control (Focus issue 2)
Ben Simpfendorfer – The New Silk Road (Focus issue 2)