Week in China Team

Week in China was launched in 2009 as a way for businesspeople to understand China better. We have a track record as a trusted resource with a publishing history of 12 years, covering more than 20 industries. We have produced more than 500 weekly editions that have featured more than 1,500 companies (mostly Chinese but also international firms working in China). 

Our online archive of more than 7,000 business-related articles includes deep coverage of many of China’s blue chips like Alibaba and Tencent and we have been one of the first to write in English about newly emerging companies, such as Xiaomi in 2011 and more recently the Pinduoduo and OPPO-affiliated courier service Jitu.

Spending just a few minutes with WiC each week helps our readers stay abreast of the headline stories, with insights and analysis of the key trends shaping Chinese business.

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