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  • I have been a keen reader of Week In China for the past decade or so. I have found your coverage of China very incisive, balanced and accurate and I like a clean separation between reporting on facts and formulating judgment or opinions.

    Managing partner of a private equity firm in the United States

  • Week In China is my regular reading because it is insightful and one of the few sources of information and provider of news about the ins and outs of the Middle Kingdom and surroundings. As a resident of North America we get so little information or perspective about the Far East. I have found that the East knows much more about the West than we do of the East and your publication gives us a perspective and insights into the inscrutable East…so badly needed today.

    CEO of an investment bank in Canada

  • Excellent publication – focuses on issues relevant to non-Chinese readers and shows the different faces of Chinese society, good job all around.

    General manager of a steelmaker in Mexico

  • In a world where getting a straight answer seems increasingly difficult, Week in China continues to offer a rounded perspective when it is needed most. It’s my ‘go to’ publication for a bit of depth on the stories we know about and a source for the ones we don’t.

    Ship owner, Hong Kong

  • I want to thank you for what is an excellent source of news on China, and most importantly in English. Receiving your publication every Friday is one of the highlights of the week and must read over weekend dim sum. The quality of the articles and breadth of coverage is truly great. I cannot think of any other similar source of English news on China.

    CFO of a beverage maker in western China

  • For the past ten years or so WiC has been a constant source of nourishment for this once novice, now beginner/intermediate learner in things Chinese. The coverage is thoughtful, fair and always infused with just enough humor. I also commend you for the quality of the writing, something that is all too rare today.

    Senior executive in the education sector, Hong Kong/China.

  • I just love it. Educational, insightful and “entertaining” on and about China – would hate to see it disappear and I am looking forward to the next 500 issues. I know more about China from this information feed than from any other source.

    CFO at a European shipping major, Australia

  • Consistently, week-in-week-out, great content, reported and edited well, lots of unique and relevant editorial content one finds nowhere else in English.

    Head of venture capital firm, southern China

  • I have been reading WiC almost since its inception. It gives an insight into the workings of China business that I cannot get from the usual Western media outlets including such analytical publications as the UK Financial Times. The non-business stories also remind me of my time working over there and provide a colour to Chinese society again not seen in the media in the UK and US.

    Chairman of a healthcare provider, UK