Some people inherit their fortune…
Others earn every penny.

Tao HuabiWidowed by 20, a rickshaw driver who couldn’t sign her own name. Rmb7 billion
Zhang DazhongHis seed money was compensation for his mother’s execution. Rmb12 billion
Yeung Kwok KeungBorn to a poor family he didn’t own a pair of shoes until 17. Rmb5.2 billion
Jack MaThe former school teacher who changed the way China shops. Rmb34 billion

In a little over 35 years China’s economy has been transformed from an inefficient backwater to the second largest in the world. If you want to understand how that happened, you need to understand the people who helped reshape the Chinese business landscape.

China’s Tycoons is a book about highly successful Chinese entrepreneurs. In 150 easy-to-digest profiles, we tell their stories: where they came from, how they started, the big break that earned them their first millions, and why they came to dominate their industries and make billions.

These are tales of entrepreneurship, risk-taking and hard work that differ greatly from anything you’ll have read before.